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This site was built with a single thought in mind: "Well I can put anything on it because no one will ever visit..."; so expect to find a few blogs on various subjects, loads of useless information, comments and dead-links....

Thanks for the visit anyway...

You can find more infomration about this site here.. but a lot of the pages are still "under construction" or "works in progress". The simple idea is to add things which are interesting - or at least of interest to me, as I go along...

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To The Internet

Posted by admin on June 13, 2012

Over the past few months the site has become so stable I've decided to move it to the internet host 100% and giveup my sandlox on my local computer

Concrete5 has really transform the way I work onĀ  this site, that off-line working doesn't seem to make much sense as moves changes and updates are so easy!

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New Content

Posted by admin on March 1, 2012

Concrete5 has completely changed the way I think about a website...

Originally, my main interest was the technologies: HTML, JavaScript and CMS systems in general; being a tech-head these are the sort of things that interest me :-) ...

Now, however, I need to think more about the whole reason behind a website - THE CONTENT (stupid)

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New Theme

Posted by fowlesp on December 20, 2011

I been spending some time getting up to speed with the latest Web Technologies, and continuing to gain a better understanding of Concrete5

One of the great thing about C5 is the ease with which themes can be converted to work with C5 (great instruction and links to Open source themes are here...)

However... after all that I still picked on the Responsive theme for my site....

...is the search finally over...

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