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Posted by admin on January 7, 2002

The Rat Pack and 187 Lockdown...

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Artist: Title: Oustanding Track(s): Review:
Frank Sinatra,
Dean Martin,
Sammy Davis Jr.
Eee-Oh 11
The Best of the Rat-Pack
Eee-Oh 11
(Sammy Davis, Jr)

Discissing the Robbie Willams: "Swing When Your Winning" album and concert ("One night with Robbie Williams") the other day...

And we all agreed, that one of the good things about it was that it would re-awaken interest in the original artists...

...No sooner said, than done at Capitol Records who have just released this compilation straight into my christmas stocking...

What can I say about this album ?

There are some obvious swing-tracks here ("The Lady is a Tramp", "(Love is) The Tender Trap", and "Chicago" to name three) but you can't say a bad thing about this stuff - it classic.

I don't pretent to be a long-time fan; but this stuff swings, and these boys show how it was really done... don't ever mess with the old-school Robbie

...Now then... where did I put that Harry Connick Jr album...

...Ah! there it is...

187 Lockdown Kung-Fu
(original 187 mix)

One from the archive. Which needed and airing to loosen those post-christmas cobwebs..

"The Don" and "Kung-Fu" still kicks ("ha! ha!") but the rest is largly dated now..

These boys have been overtaken by Moby, Basement Jaxx, and the like..


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