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Posted by admin on April 1, 2002

X-Ecutioners and The Streets...

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Artist: Title: Oustanding Track(s): Review:
X-Ecutioners Built From Scratch B-Boy Punk Rock 2001

The Album cover is a clear homage to Public Enemys' "Yo! Bum Rush the Show", and has that albums' feel in terms of raw energy...

This is both a blessing and a curse. The down-side to this is that the album does feel a little dated in places.

..But it also has a sense of humor (the 'skit' tracks are reminiscent of De La Soul)..

If there is a Hip-Hop revival going on; then theses boys are gonna be at the front of it.

One for the Old Skool Hip-Hoppers out there.

...But expect bigger and better in the future..

The Streets Original Pirate Material.

It's too late..

Same old thing...

I reviewed the single Has It Come To This.. some time ago - loved it - and was egarly awaiting the album..

Underneath the london twang ("Raght mah saaaahn; dant mess... Nah git aaght before I 'ammer yer Nigaras!") there is actually a very fresh Garage album..


..but could someone explain what The Irony of it All is all about ?

Another day in the life of a geezer! Indeed.


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