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Sunshine OST,Sleigh Bells,Mint Royale

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Artist: Title:Oustanding Track(s):Review:
John Murphy & Underworld Sunshine (Music from the Motion Picture) Avenue of Hope
Peggy Sussed

As with most Soundtrack (or music "inspired by" albums) the main raison d'etre is to bring back memories of orignial film...

To this extent the album works very well, including dialog snippets as it does.. but 'Avenue of Hope' (which features over the closing credits) is a turly beautiful track, and in my books, pays back the purcahse price may times over

'Peggy Sussed' seems to be a Soundtrack Favorite (also appearing of the Requim for a Dream Soundtrack) but I don't recall it in the film.

The remaining tracks seem a little disjointed.

The movie itself didn't sparkle at the box office, which I think this was undeserved (although admitedly its not Danny Boyle's best...

There was also some contraversy regarding the albums release; so I'm glad it was finally able to escape...

Sleigh Bells Treats Riot Rhythm
Infinity Guitars

This album sets out its stall from the 'get-go'; hard drums, white-noise and heavy guitars, laced behind the vocals of Alexis Krauss, with a dash of electronica...

'Rill Rill' is an odd seque, which is pleasent enough, but might sit better on a Gleealbum. In general Alexis' vocal range isn't great but very breathy and is sometime a little lost in the mix.

Propably more "thrashy" (it's American Noise Pop apparently!) than I would usually listen to, played loud (I mean Up To Eleven, ear-bleeding LOUD) this is great driving music...

Like it... bring on the "difficult" second album...

Mint Royale Dancehall Places Blue Song
Dancehall Places

Dancehall Places is the 2002 Album from Mint Royal which features 'Blue Song' and 'Sexist Man in Jamaica'

These are the tracks which make it very easy to compare this album with Moby's Play, but actually this album is a different beast...

This album is actually a lot more mellow than Play, with the title track being a particular favorite...


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