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This blog is not so-much about Virgin Mobile, but my on-going woes at the hands of their "Customer Support Team", and how they brought new meaning to that well-worn phrase: "Customer Support"

I just have to get this off my chest, as even now I still dont really understand the levels of training necessary for this to happen. I've had many frustrating customer experiences in my life; but this one tops them all...

Firstly, I suspect a lot of people will read this who have a long and happy experience with Virgin Mobile. To you I say "live long and prosper - your lives are blessed". For myself it's a different story.


Posted by fowlesp on June 13, 2012

Day: Who Knows... Autopsy

...or What I've learned from this whole sorry mess..

So there you have it after 111 days, or 15 weeks (if you prefer) not even a simple acknowledgement that the point was worth making...

The sad thing is Virgin didn't even need to denied that they'd provided the wrong information in the first place! So "never apologize; never explain" wins the day; along with throwing a few pennies on the table.

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Posted by fowlesp on May 10, 2012

Day One Hundred & Eleven: Decision

After 111 days (or 15 weeks if you prefer) I've finally received a very nice email from CISAS

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Here come the Judge

Posted by fowlesp on April 25, 2012

Day Ninety-Six: Here Come The Judge

Received an email from CISAS today. very simple response to my comments and letting me know that an adjuicator has been assigned to my case.

Here's the letter...

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Posted by fowlesp on April 23, 2012

Day Ninety-Four: Final Comments to CISAS

So CISAS would like my responses to the comments made by Virgin Mobile (see here if you missed this)

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Posted by fowlesp on April 17, 2012

Day Eighty-Eight: A response from CISAS - Virgin Strike Back

Received an email from CISAS today. The main bulk is an attached document from Virgin Mobile which is their response to my complain...

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