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Posted by fowlesp on January 24, 2012

Day Two: The Customer Support Call

I'll just make one more call to make sure every ones OK. This lead to a second text from Virgin Mobile, identical to the first, stating that I was approaching my credit limit; they also give you a customer service number to call to dicuss yyou billing/taffic needs. "Helpful" I thought

Not wanting to loose my phone service, I decided to call Virgin Media Customer Support....

After entering the magical number sequence ("1" for Broadband "2" for billing - you know the one), and waiting on-hold the mandatory 30 minutes I finally get through to a real human being.

The conversation - which was very friendly -  went along the lines of,

Me: "Hello. I'm in the USA, and I received these text messages about my credit limit. What do I need to do to maintain my service"

Virgin Rep: "One minute sir" (sound of background tapping) "Well you've still got plently on minutes left on your account, and your new allocation will come through sometime tomorrow, so you should be ok"

Me: "ok, so there nothing I need to do. Because I'd like to stay in-touch with my family; and I do get the occasional business call?"

Virgin Rep:: "No sir...."

Me: "OK thank you. You've been very helpful" (smile)

OK. So I've just made an internation call to customer support, wonder how much that'll cost....

but hey! at least its all sorted...


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