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Posted by fowlesp on January 25, 2012

Day Three: The Twilight

I didn't use the phone (much) because I wanted to be sure my new allocation hit the account before I went over my limit. Even if I did go over-limit the account is paid by direct-debit, and the new account allocation would clear things....

or so I thought...

25th January. Day Four: The Cut

Tried using the phone, and got Number Un-Obtainable tone.

Tried to use the phone again, and got an audio message about calls to this number not being allowed..

At this point I was under the impression that the service was down, until I noticed that my collegues were still able to make calls to the UK....

Day Five, Six: Dazed and Confused...

"...but I thought..";

"I mean; Virgin said...";

"I hope everyone's ok?..."

You get the idea. An unexpected loss of service kicks-off all sorts of feelings.

Its strange how much we rely on technology these day (I built my career around understanding and working with this stuff).


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