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Posted by fowlesp on January 27, 2012

Day Seven: The Return

More hellish travelling, now to phone home - public payphone at extortionate price -  to make sure everyone OK....

Now to work-out what the fracks happened to my phone...

So, on the 27th January 2012, I returned to the UK, and immediately phoned Virgin Customer service.

This 30min phone call - the majority of which was waiting for a person to answer - determined that I had exceeded my Credit Limit; and I requested that my credit limit be increased, my phone service be re-instated and compensation for loss of service, business, distress and mental anguish (since I was unable to make or receive calls while in the USA).

It was also suggested that I increase my Credit Limit to resolve the issue, but following further investigation, this option was NOT available to me. The reasons for this are STILL unclear to me ,apparntly it has something to do with the number of phones we have on our account?

The Customer Service representative I spoke with was unable to assist, and I was ensured that a senior representative would contact me within 10-15mins.

Some 2 Hours after my original call, I called Virgin Customer services AGAIN, and spoke to Ms AAAA (in South Africa, I think). After explaining the situation AGAIN Ms XXXXX was unable to assist and I was put through to a Mr BBBB BBBB; who proceed to suggest that the information necessary for me to retain my service was available on the Virgin Mobile website, and the loss of service had ALREADY occurred when I contacted Virgin Media Customer Services on the 24th January 2012.

His only proposal was a refund on the calls made to Virgin Media Customer support, and that I should pay the outstanding bill to bring the outstanding balance below my Credit Limit.

At this point I'd have enough!

Thank GOD for the Weekend!


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