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Posted by fowlesp on February 10, 2012

Day Twenty-Two: Back On The Air!

My bill is paid by direct debit, and a by the next day my phone is able to make and receive calls. Hooray!

Lets just look at that bill....

Here what it says about my credit limit:

Your credit limit

You can see your credit limit on the front page of your bill.

Your credit limit is the maximum amount that you may owe us at any time. We´ll send you a text to let you know if you are near your limit although you shouldn´t rely on this for your own budgeting as it may not always be possible to reach you. If you do go over your limit our team may suspend your phone temporarily.

If this happens you will need to make an interim payment. The easiest way to do that is in`Your Account´ at virginmobile.co.uk.

Well from my various phone conversations it appears that because we have 4 phones in our household, the credit limit is effectiviely one-quarter of that amount (£37). Wonderful!

... but wait. I ran up a bill of £190 so that can't be right...sigh!

As for making an interim payment via the website.... well; good luck with that.

Here's what it says about customer complaints...


We value all our customers and all their feedback, whether it´s good or bad. If any of our customers have any complaints, we do our best to resolve them as soon as possible. All e-mail is acknowledged immediately, with a personal reply sent within 24 hours. Letters and faxes are answered within 4 days, but usually sooner.

We´ll continue corresponding with our customers to keep them up to date with what´s happening, but this isn´t usually necessary - 95% of all our replies confirm that their problem´s been resolved!

In my case, "as soon as possible" appears to mean never!

...and another thing; where was my "personal reply within 24 hours"?

Don't even mention their continue corresponding to keep them up to date with what's happening. Since this whole incident started, some 20 days ago, I've recived a total of 2 automated emails (software is quite good at that sort of thing!) and zero, yes ZERO personal phone calls!


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