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Posted by fowlesp on February 19, 2012

Day Thirty-One: Virgin Phone Home!

Surprise, surprise. received a phone call from Virgin Mobile Customer service...

Ms CCCC CCCC was very apologetic for the delay in responding to my query. The converstion kinda went:

Me: I dont think you understand what it's like to be cut-off with any form of warning

Virgin Rep: Well what I'll do is refund a months service

Me: But you're missing the point. I called to try to retain my service and I was completly mislead. How is that acceptable. Not to mention the calls to your collegues...

Virgin Rep: I see you got kids, I bet they use a lot of minues. How about 150 free text?

Me: Well thanks for the offer, let me think about it...

Virgin Rep: Well thats all we can do..

Me: So will someone call me back?

Virgin Rep: That's all I can offer

Me: Ok well let me think about it. I may still decide to take this further

(dial tone)

Within second of the converstation ending my childrens phone are beeping with the arrival of messages detailing the allocation of new text to their accounts...

... had I agreed to this?

lets sleep on this.


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