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Posted by fowlesp on March 3, 2012

Day Fourty-Four: A Reply from CISAS

Received a letter from the CISAS in responce to my online application...


Ok, so I didn't read that bit..... so it's back to Virgin Mobile to continue the complaint.

First thing to do is formally reject their offer of compensation; so I send the following email:

Hello EEEE,

Firstly thank you for the email, and the offer of compensation which I am rejecting.

At the time of my phone call with your colleague I did not accepts these and clearly stated that I would consider the matter further. I do not feel these adequately compensate for the loss of service, my time spent raising this issue or the mental anguish of being unable to communicate with my family through no fault of my own; event though I made a number of attempts to resolve this situations. The fact that my phone service was only restore as the result of an automated direct debit simple re-enforces the abject failure of Virgin Mobile to assist, help or provide any kind of "Customer Service" during this time. This is further compound by a failure to meet your own customer service policies (as stated on my most recent bill) to:

  • Provide "a personal reply sent within 24 hours. Letters and faxes are answered within 4 days, but usually sooner."
  • "We´ll continue corresponding with our customers to keep them up to date with what´s happening, but this isn´t usually necessary - 95% of all our replies confirm that their problem´s been resolved!".

The phone call of the 19th February and your email constitutes the first communication instigated by Virgin Mobile Customer service team (rather than automated computer) since I first call to complain on the 27th February. Please reply to my original letter (and email) of compliant and address the issues and claim for compensation raised therein.

Best regards,

...let's see what happens next?


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