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Posted by fowlesp on March 19, 2012

Day Fifty-Five: Virgin Mobile Repond to my Rejection..

Received a very polite email from Virgin Mobile today

Reference Number 28498923

Hello Peter

Thanks for getting back to me. Please accept my apologies for any delay in the reply. I tried calling you but had no joy so decided to drop you an email.

I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel our resolution was satisfactory, that being the combined £8.50 for the month's service, free minutes and the £15.89 to cover the call to us from the US. We took into account the length of time you had a loss of service and the situation generally and gave you these credits and minutes as a goodwill gesture.

As you exceeded your credit limit while abroad, we didn't have to offer a goodwill gesture for this situation. I understand your desire to claim compensation, however we can accept no culpability for the loss of service you experienced, as the credit limit was exceeded and the service restricted legitimately. We have since raised this credit limit, however the service didn't unsuspend until the direct debit was taken as the outstanding balance was still in excess of the credit limit.

In regards to the time-frame for dealing with complaints, we offer a reply to emails sent to us hopefully within 24 hours, which is receipt of the complaint. Our actual allowed time frame for resolving a customers complaint is 28 days, as set out to us by our regulatory body OFCOM.

I appreciate your position in refusing any and all goodwill gestures given to you and request for further compensatory measures to be made.

Unfortunately, we won't be offering any more than was already given as I feel it was a more than generous goodwill gesture. Further to this, as you have expressed dissatisfaction with our resolution, I'm left with little recourse but to remove all credits given to you in relation to this issue. Therefore, I've placed a charge of £24.39 onto your mobile balance that will be taken with your next direct debit.

I'm really sorry that we weren't able to come to a resolution that both parties could agree on. If you wish to dispute this further, please feel free to get in touch with our regulatory body OFCOM.

Kind Regards
Virgin Mobile
Customer Complaints

(told you it was polite)

Now; as a response, it's not surprising, there not givibg money aware after all....but hang on a minute £15.89 refunded for my international waste of time customer service call!

Now this was somethnig I originally requested, I dont remeber seeing that (refunded) on my bill?

In my best handwriting, I send the following; really just to confirm we're at deadlock and check how much they've stiffed charged me

Reference Number 28498923

Hello Xxxx,

Thank you for the email.

With regards the Virgin Mobile offer of compensation. Having checked my bills for 27th January 2012 and 27th February 2012 I can find NO credit to  the amount of £15.89 to cover the cost of my calls t Virgin Mobile Customer support. Could I ask you to confirm when such a credit was issued, as it affects the amount charged to my account in rejection of  this compensation offer.

I’m am also at a loss as to how Virgin Mobile can fail to accept responsibility for a loss of service when the information related to that service came directly from a Virgin Media representative during my initial phone conversation of the 22nd January 2012. This is of course compounded by the company’s inability to suggest or provide any means to obtain payment and retain my service provision.

CISAS, the ADR Scheme to which Virgin Mobile is registered require a deadlock letter in order to proceed to review this case.  Could I ask you to provide such a letter as soon as convenient, or confirm that your previous email asks as confirmation of deadlock.

Best regards,



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