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Posted by fowlesp on April 3, 2012

Day Seventy Four: An Acknowledgement from CISAS

Today I got an email acknowledgement from CISAS

here what they say..

Case Number: 212120898 - Babbington-Fowles v Virgin media

We acknowledge receipt of an application for adjudication by the customer a copy of which is attached for the attention of the company.

In accordance with the rules of the scheme, the company is now required to submit two copies of these response to the claim, which should be returned to us within 14 days of receipt of this letter, that is on or before 17/04/2012. The company should list all papers being submitted, and where possible submit their response by email.

In responding to the claim, the company should identify which matters are accepted and which matters are disputed and, in identifying the matters which are disputed, give reasons why they dispute the claim.

The company is reminded that their responses should be acccompanied by any relavent documentation that the customer has been unable to produce and which is in the company's possession.

We look forward to receiving the company response. Upon receipt, a copy will be sent to the customer who will be given 7 days to submit their comments on the response to the claim

Your sincerely

Case Administrator

Now... its not much; but at least someone acknowledges that I have a point!


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