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Posted by fowlesp on April 17, 2012

Day Eighty-Eight: A response from CISAS - Virgin Strike Back

Received an email from CISAS today. The main bulk is an attached document from Virgin Mobile which is their response to my complain...

here's the email from CISAS

Dear Mr., Babbington-Fowles

We acknowledge receipt of the company’s response to claim, a copy of which is attached for the customer’s attention.

The customer is invited to submit comments on the response, within 7 days from the date of this letter, that is, on or before 24/04/2012

If you (the customer) provide comments, you must concentrate on the points made by the company. You cannot add new information that you forgot to mention earlier, as per the ‘Information for customer’ guide.

You may submit your comments in writing, by post, email or fax.

Upon receipt of the customer’s comments a copy will be sent to the company for their information, and the complete case file will be sent to the adjudicator for their consideration.

We will contact the parties again on receipt of the customer’s comments. Alternatively, if no comments are received, we will inform the parties of the name of the adjudicator appointed to consider this case.

Kind regards
Case Administrator
Telephone: 020 7520 3814
International Dispute Resolution Centre
70 Fleet Street

 The Virgin Mobile document is copies of my emails to them, plus extracts from their issue tracking system. The odd thing is that the entries aren't in date order, or organised in any way (obviously taking this very seriously...not...)


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