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Posted by fowlesp on April 23, 2012

Day Ninety-Four: Final Comments to CISAS

So CISAS would like my responses to the comments made by Virgin Mobile (see here if you missed this)

ok here goes...


Thank you for your email of the 17th April.

My comments on Virgin Mobile responses are below:-

  1. Virgin Mobile have failed to acknowledge  the telephone conversation on the 22nd January when the wrong account information was given. It was this conversation that directly lead to my subsequent loss of services, as I was given the (false) impression that my allowance would be renewed, covering any charges.  

    At no time have I questioned  the amount of the bill, and indeed attempted on a number of occasions to clear the balance. The whole point of my conversation of the 22nd January was to retain my phone service – an attempt that failed due to the errors and miss-information from Virgin Mobile. This makes Virgin Mobile wholly liable for the loss of service and subsequent distress caused in attempting to resolve this issue.

    As yet Virgin Mobile have failed to apologies for  this error, or provide any explanation as to why it occurred; or how they intend to prevent it happening again in the future.
  2. On the 27th January (my return to the UK) Virgin Mobile did NOT offer compensation of services and texts as is suggested in their document.
  3. Although the Virgin Media’s offer of compensation may compensate for  the loss of service, it does NOT:-

    1. Compensate for the loss of service without explanation or a means to contact Virgin Mobile!
    2. The additional stress associated with the inability to contact family while any from home
    3. Provide ANY explanation was to why the wrong information was provided originally
    4. Explain WHY during all my conversation with Virgin, NO attempt was made to obtain payment to restore my service
    5. Explain why the Website CANNOT accept credit-card payments. This in itself is another service failing for which I have received NO apology or explanation.

      As I have already mentioned in my previous correspondence, the suggestion to pay my outstanding bill via the website came from Virgin Media Customer service.
    6. On the 19th February Virgin Mobile contacted me to offer compensation. I requested time to consider the offer. This request was ignored and payments were made to my account. As such the offer was not rejected, simply not accepted

      I formally rejected their  offer of compensation on the 12th March.
    7. In the “Virgin Medias Position” section of their responses. Payment of £189.79 was made by automatic Direct Debit. All my other attempts to pay this bill before then (via the website or phone) failed.

      At NO time did Virgin Mobile attempt to obtain payment ahead of the automatic bill date.
    8. In the “Conclusion” to Virgin Mobile responses they state “Virgin Mobile tried to make Mr Babbington-Fowles aware of his position so that he could have made a payment”.

      This is completely incorrect. I received NO phone calls, text (other than the warning text on the 21st and 22nd January which I responded to) or emails from Virgin Mobile. ALL communication with Virgin Mobile was instigated by myself.

      Can Virgin Mobile provide any evidence of these other attempts?

Best regards,

Peter Babbington-Fowles

at this stage, I'm not really sure what to expect (this is all a bit "mouse that roared" after all). Maybe someone will see sense?


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