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Posted by fowlesp on June 13, 2012

Day: Who Knows... Autopsy

...or What I've learned from this whole sorry mess..

So there you have it after 111 days, or 15 weeks (if you prefer) not even a simple acknowledgement that the point was worth making...

The sad thing is Virgin didn't even need to denied that they'd provided the wrong information in the first place! So "never apologize; never explain" wins the day; along with throwing a few pennies on the table.

Feel free to take what you want from this, but as far as I'm concerned:-

  1. Money counts! A claim without monetary value has no meaning

    An offer of compensation, no matter how small, counts as "reasonable" behavior
  2. The judgment uses words like "balance of probability" and "reasonable". Although this seems logical it immediately skews the argument.

    On the "balance of probabilities" Virgin wouldn't make these kinds of mistake... so what happens when they do? "Innocent until proven guilty" doesn't even seem to apply, on the "balance of probabilities" - so where is the hope of any kind of justice?

So... its off to Carphone Warehouse

later dudes :-)


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